I’m  Atharva Deshpande. 

Author, Actor & Scriptwriter

Begin Again

“Begin Again / Ibtida is my way of taking people behind the scenes to my poetry , while I was quarantined at my farm house I went through all the notes that I had written since last five year , and I not only understood how I evolved as a person But how some of the poems I had written 3 years ago were some of my better works , trust me read your old writings And you will be enlightened . while reading those poems I also got visuals of the moments That inspired those thoughts . I always wondered want went through the life of Robert frost while writing ‘The road not taken’ or Amrita pritam while writing ‘Main tenu phir milangi’ what was the story behind Allen Ginsberg ‘howl’ , bob dylans ‘blowing in the wind, or shakerspears ‘sonnets 18 ‘ In the book ‘show your work’ by Kleon, Austin the writer quotes “There’s “painting,” the noun, and there’s “painting,” the verb. As in all kinds of work, there is a distinction between the painter’s process, and the products of her process” Ibtida is my way of giving you my process and product . “


Atharva Deshpande was born in Nagpur and raised ‘in Wardha, except for the time when he moved to Pune and attended ‘university there. He studied electronics & telecommunication at the College of engineering Pune. His debut novel Begin Again is a character study of Anirudh via poetry and stories. When he’s not writing, he can be found wandering through ,nature or journaling at a coffee shop. He is also an actor, engineer, scriptwriter, team lead, and a meme maker. 


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