Anshita Dhoot



“People are looking for tranquility throughout their lives, yet don’t find solutions for their hitches. Each person has different issues and different circumstances but teaches the same lessons to humans. Similarly, they have stories to tell but no one to hear. Maybe their stories give some inspiration to you.”


The hardest part of life is to live with the guilt of revenge or guilt of misdoing. We don’t allow things to let go and forget about the fact that as much as we hold the things we punish ourselves. By doing so, we never will enable us to live freely and always find ourselves under the piles of responsibilities.

The Rehabilitation

“Rehabilitation is a prettily designed handbook for everyone who is suffering from the unfathomable trauma of their inner souls and doesn’t know what to do with their lives. Most youngsters, teenagers, and strugglers find no value in their lives, but in reality, they don’t know how treasurable their lives are. Dreams can be converted into reality, only you have the power to change them into triumphs.”

Poems: A poetic way to present life

An amalgamation of sonnets is solely based on love, life, and relationships that binds everything. Life is a lot more than we could ever imagine. This book embraces a mundane life situation, where anyone can recount themselves to this. It has intense feelings and emotions, precisely consecrate to life.


The Aroma is a very special book which has colors of everyone’s life. This is not just a book, it consists the true emotions, feelings, happiness, qualms and confessions of several lives. There are times when we can do, or we can’t do, but we’ll keep those stories throughout our life. The Aroma is the fragrance of people’s life. This is the feel of their lives which they have gone through. This is deeply and truly a collation of their feelings, which they have tried to pour into some words. One can easily relate their lives by reading it.

Let’s feel the love, romance, forgiveness, and every bit of your feelings.

Let’s allow yourself to lose in your past days, again.


The words are not enough to express what you have inside, but your efforts make everything easy. All you need to believe in yourself, even the time is racing against you. This novel is the compiled stories of “the seven stars”, who try to put their life-stories so that regular people could believe that they are also having the same issues, but the important task to do is to keep yourself motivated, you never know when your luck gets its stroke. Keep inspiring yourself! You’re amazing, so our writers are! Enjoy the roller-coaster ride of our writers.