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High Quality Work, Design, & Print everything just at your fingertips. All at once is something that you won't believe you will have.


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We pay the highest royalty. Don't wait to get paid annually or quarterly when we pay royalties every month.



With tie-up over 100+ bookstores in more than 60+ major cities. I doubt any other publisher has this.


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Have you ever received the book delivered at your doorsteps in less than 5 days. We promise to do so.


Seamless Dashboard

Get Real Time sales report with automated softwares at your fingertips. Analysize your data across demographies and know your target audience too.


Author Website

Design a beautiful website that engages your readers. Let them read your story from your page.


Social Media Presence

Have a goal in mind that you can work toward because you'll need to create a strategy to get there.


Reach Millions of your targeted audience and become the next bestseller.


- Sourabh Yadav

- Sourabh Yadav



+18% GST



+18% GST



+18% GST

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Start your process of identifying your ideal customer by making a list of all of the benefits that your READERS will enjoy by reading your book..

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Acquiring Readers is the 1st Issue Authors Face.

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While there are many qualified book publicity, writer marketing, and book marketing companies, there a very few which combine experience, cost-effectiveness, and creativity with a complete commitment to Author satisfaction.

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96%  CUSTOMER RETENTION RATE. Yes, we win 96 times out of 100. Our authors love us not because of our low-cost but because of the awesome service we provide and the friendliness that our team shows towards you.

Print hasn’t disappeared, but its role sure has changed. You can’t put a website on your coffee table. If you want to show-off design, print is your medium. Only 3-5% people prefer ebook over Paperback.

If this is your first time with us then let me tell you one thing.  You won’t ever need to worry about anything. Sign an agreement, Choose the service you would like to be served with, Send us your manuscript and finally sit back and relax. We have got your back.

I am glad you asked this, We provide you everything at just one door step that every other publisher fails to provide. From Publishing to Editing, From Distribution to Marketing we have covered it all at just one platform.

Others Publishers might provide you less that what they have agreed for. And that’s the reason you have landed here. We not only do provide you what we promised to do, but you would be blown off to know we provide more than what we promised to do.

Yup. Of course we have tied up with 100+ bookstores in 60+ major cities including bigger brand names like OXFORD, TITLE WAVES, CROSSWORD etc. Contact us and we will help you know more.

No, It’s  not needed. Choose at least 3 platform and develop yourself as a brand there. Facebook, Instagram & Twitter should always be your first priority. Need help regarding this get free consultation from our experts.

Have you checked what we provide? Have you checked out what authors have to say about us? Have you compared with other publishers? If not then I don’t know what might convince you to choose the perfect publisher for you.

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